Mattel Thundercats Classics Panthro Review

Review Advent Calendar Day 23: Mattel Thundercats Classics Panthro

Panthro is the first figure from Mattel’s Thundercats Classics line that I chose to review. He’s also the last figure in the line. Yep, it’s over already in case you hadn’t heard. Masters of the Universe has always been the big draw over at Mattycollector. However, the ancillary lines will also be going away along with the site come December 31st. Sure, the stuff like DC and Ghostbusters can theoretically go to retail, but Thundercats is very similar to Masters of the Universe Classics in that it will die on those shelves. That’s why this feels a bit more final since we need a service similar to Mattycollector in order to make Thundercats happen or continue.

Preternia’s Review Advent Calendar 2016 Day Twenty Three:
Mattel Thundercats Classics Panthro

While Panthro is the last figure in the line, it will not be my last. Matty being good old Matty stealth canceled my subscription before Mumm-Ra and not-Cheetara shipped, so I’m still waiting for those two. Otherwise, it’s been a fun little line. I’m not overly broken up by only getting a handful of characters. If we get more (since Super7 has expressed interest in continuing the line), great! If not, it’s fine as well. These guys work pretty well as Masters of the Universe Classics expanded universe.

Panthro comes packed with an extra hand, nunchucks, a single nunchuck handle with a ‘spinning‘ effect, a transponder, and The Key of Thundara. I’m actually quite impressed with his nunchucks! They are connected by a real metal chain, so breakage should not be a concern at all. It’s worth noting that the alternate left hand he comes packed with works a little better for gripping his weapon than the one that comes attached. Both hands work pretty well for gripping the transponder and key … although the key does come all warped to hell.

The swinging nunchuck effect is fantastic! It’s one of those accessories, similar to energy effects, that we rarely get but are always a welcome inclusion.

Mattel Thundercats Classics Panthro Review

It’s no real news that the Thundercats Classics line works heavily off of the Masters of the Universe body template. While there is a good amount of reuse from various MOTUC figures, Mattel actually made quite a few improvements to the formula. Marvel Legends-styled ankles and alternate hands are quite a welcome change. Especially after years of non-rocker ankles and ‘thumbs up‘ hands. These improvements I’d have hoped would have carried over to the He-Man line, but with everything taking a hiatus who knows now?

Mattel Thundercats Classics Panthro Review

Panthro is a really nice figure and a sad reminder that Thundercats Classics died too young. Besides being a collector-focused Thundercats line, it also proved that improvements could be made to the somewhat stale Masters of the Universe Classics formula. I just hope we see some of these quality-of-life upgrades in Super7’s MOTUC line. Panthro can currently be purchased over at Amazon.

Final Verdict: Bittersweet, but NICE!things-to-do-between-christmas-and-new-year-s-what-s-up-amsterdam-4owu6g-clipart

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