Takara Transformers MP-37 Artfire

Takara: Transformers Masterpiece MP-37 Artfire Out of Nowhere!

Last night I went to bed thinking about how Death Stranding is going to be the best game ever made. Never did I expect to wake up to an official announcement of the third use of the MP-33 Inferno mold! Artfire and his Targetmaster Nightstick are officially MP-37 and will be released in May 2017!

Official pictures have already been released and some shops have begun to take preorders.

With the release of Artfire it looks like the current Masterpiece Transformers schedule from Takara is as follows:

November 2016 – MP-33 Inferno
January 2017 – MP-34 Cheetor
February 2017 – MP-35 Grapple
April 2017 – MP-36 Megatron
May 2017 – MP-37 Artfire


1 thought on “Takara: Transformers Masterpiece MP-37 Artfire Out of Nowhere!”

  1. It’s gonna be agony waiting till May, but I think I want this guy even more than MP Megatron. I’ve never had an Artfire, and I thought the only thing I didn’t like about MP Inferno was that he’s so red he’s boring. This color scheme is magnificent. Plus, I adore little tiny extra guys!

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