Toy Fair 2017 Good Smile Company

Toy Fair 2017: Good Smile Company

Good Smile Company didn’t have a whole lot at their Toy Fair 2017 booth. It was a minimal showing, however, over in Japan they made quite a handful of announcements we’ll get into in a minute. Let’s check out what Good Smile had going on this year.


Overwatch was the big announcement prior to this week. Good Smile Company had a complete painted Tracer Nendoroid prototype on display. They also teased both a Mei and Mercy down the line. I mentioned that I hope this leads to a Figma release, and to my surprise Good Smile Company announced Figmas of both Tracer and Genji (in Japan, sorry no pictures).

The Legends of Zelda

Painted prototypes of the both Twilight Princes Link and Zelda were show. Also for display was the DX version of the Breath of Wild Nendoroid Link. The DX version comes with an adorable Nendoroid horse along with a mess of other accessories. All these figures are looking lovely, and almost make me wish I cared at all about the more recent Zelda games.


Toy Fair 2017 Good Smile Company

Back at NYCC, Good Smile Company did hint that more Kirby was coming. Now we have the announcement of both an ‘Ice Kirby’ Nendoroid as well as a Kirby in Robobot Armor! Unfortunately the robot armor is not intended to work with the Kirby figures currently out, so instead it will be packed with a new sized one.


It looks as though progress is being made on the Samus Prime3 armor. Good Smile Company appears to have tightened up some of the proportions with this suit, which could easily be the best Samus suit yet!


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