Hasbro Marvel Legends Six-Inch Retro Toy Biz

Hasbro: Retro 90’s Toy Biz Style Marvel Legends Coming This Fall!

At Toy Fair this year we got news that the 3 3/4″ Marvel Legends line would be getting a Sinister Six box set styled similar to the old 90’s Toy Biz line. I’ve now gotten multiple reports that this will also be extending to the six-inch line, and a set of four six-inch Marvel Legends will be released in retro Toy Biz packaging!

No word yet on what outfits these characters will be in, or how they may differ from previous releases. The lineup is: Wolverine, Punisher, Captain America, and Spider-Man.

Captain America and Spider-Man are characters that we have numerous molds to work with. I just doubt Hasbro will include a pair of suction-cupped hands for Spidey. Or maybe they will?

Wolverine is interesting because they could use this opportunity to do the yellow tiger-stripe version. Or they could go with the brown suit and include an unmasked head and katana like the Toy Biz version did. That would be a great way to get that unmasked head people wanted from that Wolverine.

Punisher? I can imagine a more traditional Frank head from the ones we got in the Walgreens exclusive.

Either way, these are expected to ship late Fall of 2017. I’m sure we’ll hear about these officially by San Diego Comic Convention.



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