Hasbro: Star Wars Celebration 2017 Black Series Reveals Rundown

With another year’s Star Wars Celebration event in the bag, let’s take a look at what reveals Hasbro gave us for the six-inch Black Series line.

First off, Hasbro revealed two (that’s right TWO!) San Diego Comic Convention exclusives for 2017. Both of these figures/sets will be in the six-inch scale. As has been the case with all Star Wars Black SDCC exclusives, there will most likely be a mass market release of the figure later on. The exclusive usually includes new packaging and some premium accessories.

First off will be the X-34 Landspeeder with Luke Skywalker. We just heard about the regular set earlier this week, so I’m not exactly sure what will be different about this one past the packaging. That poncho definitely wasn’t shown with the regular release’s announcement. The set will cost $89.99 and will be sold at San Diego Comic Convention.

Next we have Grand Admiral Thrawn! The very popular expanded universe character is back on Star Wars: Rebels, and I’m delighted to see they’ve finally made a six-inch figure of the character! The SDCC exclusive version will include a whole mess of the Admiral’s collectibles. The set will be $49.99 and likely a very popular item at SDCC.

Continuing with the exclusives, Toys R Us will be getting the prequels’ very own Clone Commander Gree. He comes with a premium paint job so he will fetch a slightly higher retail price of $24.99 and will be available in the Fall of 2017.

Gamestop will also be getting their own exclusive Inferno Squadron Pilot from the upcoming Battlefront sequel! This figure is actually up for preorder right now direct from Gamestop. It’s expected to ship around November of this year.

On the non-exclusive front we have two new reveals: Grand Moff Tarkin and Jaina Solo. Tarkin looks incredible and is going to be packed with an interrogation droid. I totally forgot that Jaina won the fan vote last year, and on top of that I assumed Revan would be the last we see from the old Expanded Universe. Jaina also looks really good and there is a lot of custom potential with that female flight suit. Both Tarkin and Jaina Solo are expected to release around the Fall of 2017.

Hasbro has provided us with press images for all of these announcements, but please check out the live pictures of the show from our good friends over at The Fwoosh.

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