Hasbro Star Wars Doctor Aphra

Hasbro: Doctor Aphra wins Hasbro Star Wars Fan Figure Vote!

As announced on Starwars.com, Doctor Aphra will be joining the 3.75-inch Vintage Collection in 2018! In case you don’t know who Doctor Aphra is, she is a prominent character in the Star Wars/Marvel ongoing comic book story line. He full name is Chelli Lona Aphra and she was recruited by Darth Vader shortly after the battle of Yavin in order to run secret missions without the Emperor’s knowledge. If you need a complete bio, check here.

As mentioned, Aphra won the fan vote. Beating out the likes of Yakface, Ahsoka, and others. She’ll definitely be an exciting addition to the 3.75-inch line, and we can only hope this leads to a 6-inch figure as well!

Also here’s a fun little stop-motion video to celebrate the 40th Anniversary and the new series of figures.

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