Tamashii Nations World Tour: New York City Roundup

Tamashii Nations is celebrating their 10th anniversary by spending 2017 traveling the globe! On their third stop of the Tamashii Nations World Tour they landed in my neck of the woods, New York City. Matt from AwesomeToyBlog was kind enough to reach out and offer me the opportunity to cover the event on his behalf. The event was fantastic! With a great set up in NYC’s Grand Central Terminal, showcasing their various licenses with some nice previews of what is to come as well! On top of that, there were exclusives … and a long line of people trying to get them. Check this out if you want to see what exclusives were available.

And here’s a link to a bank in case you need loan to purchase that Dragonball Z exclusive.

The Tamashii staff was super helpful and accommodating. They answered our questions, gave some insight into their process, and even let us play around with toys. Here’s a quick rundown of what we saw, and then feel free to check out the pictures below:

Pacific Rim:

I think this one garnered the most excitement. We got a first look at Soul of Chogokin Gipsy Danger. Definitely an early prototype, but it’s still great to finally see something. We also got a preview of Pacific Rim 2’s Gipsy Avenger.

DC Figuarts:

This is where I got my first look in person at The Dark Knight’s Joker, as well as a debut of the Batpod vehicle.

Marvel Figuarts:

In order to sell Figuarts scale characters in the United States they need to include diorama parts and other extras to put them out of the price range of similar Hasbro product. There is are some great upcoming Marvel Figuarts releases including Dr. Strange (with effect parts), Spider-Man (with wall), and Star-Lord (with explosions).

WWE Figuarts:

The entire collection was on display including Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Kane, and the Undertaker. The Tamashii crew was really excited about this license and the future for it. It was hinted that they are looking to do more modern era wrestlers as the line expands. Let’s hope for that AJ Styles Figuarts finally!

In addition we had some great reveals from Dragonball Z, Star Wars and Marvel Movie Realization, Street Fighter, and so many others. Check out the pictures below and don’t forget to check Amazon for Tamashii Nations figures and preorders:




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