Marvel Unlimited Plus Exclusive Tony Stark Marvel Legends

Marvel Legends Exclusive Tony Stark With Marvel Unlimited Plus Subscription

It’s become an almost yearly event that the Marvel Unlimited service offers a premium subscription which, among other things, includes an exclusive Marvel Legends figure. They’ve just announced the 2018 Marvel Unlimited Plus figure, Tony Stark. He’s essentially a Coulson body with the comic Tony Stark head, albeit with a fresh layer of paint. It’s a custom that I would have to assume most of us have done at some point.

Unfortunately this figure is also built from old parts: a suited body that is in dire need of an upgrade, and a Tony Stark head that needs to be revisited as well.

To get the Tony Stark figure, you will need to subcribe the the Marvel Unlimited Plus service, which will set you back about $100 for the year. In addition to the comic streaming/download service here is a taste of what is also included in that plan:

Exclusive limited edition Hasbro Marvel Legends Tony Stark figure not available anywhere else!

Three exclusive variant comics:
Edge of Venomverse #1
Spider-Men II #1
Guardians of the Galaxy: Telltale Games #1

Exclusive Thanos Patch

Exclusive pins featuring Spider-Man and Captain America

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Past Marvel Unlimited Plus exclusives have included Gray/Silver Captain Marvel (2017), Rescue (2016), Rocket Raccoon (2014), Golden Ultron (2013).



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