NYCC 2017: Goodsmile Company

NYCC 2017: Goodsmile Company

The Goodsmile Company had a little booth set up this year to show off some of their upcoming Figma and Nendoroid product. Most of these are video game products, but one thing that did catch me by surprise was the sizable collection of Disney Princesses! Talk about something that I could easily see sucking me in. Must remain strong!

Anyways, here’s a rundown of what we could see:

Figma Tracer
Figma Genji
Nendoroid Tracer
Nendoroid Mei

Kojima Productions
Figma Ludens
Nendoroid Ludens

Valve / Portal 2
Nendoroid Atlas
Nendoroid P-Body

Zelda Breath of the Wild Gardia
Kirby and his Robot Armor

Disney Princesses
Nendoroid Elsa
Nendoroid Anna
Nendoroid Belle
Nendoroid Tinker Bell
Nendoroid Ariel

Figma Hunter


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