Hasbro Marvel Legends Riders Ghost Rider Carded

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Ghost Rider Set Carded Reveal

It isn’t the Nic Cage masterpiece, but the next best thing! Hasbro has now revealed a carded shot of the other figure in the rider series, Ghost Rider! Ghost Rider will join Black Widow in Spring of 2018 to make the first wave of Hasbro Marvel Legends Riders. Ghost Rider looks to include the figure, a flaming whip, and his flaming bike.

It was revealed over at the Hasbro Pulse Instagram account, so I’d suggest following it as they occasionally drop scoops like this.

So what would you like to see for the second Marvel Legends Rider wave? Far and away my first choice would be Professor Xavier and his hoverchair. This series feels like the perfect medium to finally get us a modern update to the Professor, and his hoverchair which we have not yet gotten in the Marvel Legends six-inch scale. Plus, with a rumored Magneto coming in next year’s X-Men wave, we’re going to need his rival.


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