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Super7: New Masters of the Universe Classics – Wave 2 Pre-Order Figures

I suppose it would be against my site’s namesake not to say SOMETHING about this next wave of Super7 Masters of the Universe Classics action figures! The folks over at Super7 reached out with some new prototype shots of both the new Collector’s Choice and Club Grayskull waves that they are currently taking preorders for. It’s also worth noting that Super7 has decided to extend the preorder period for these new figures until around the time the first wave ships. I’d imagine this is so that you can feel them in hand before committing to the next wave.

Unfortunately this doesn’t help me because I put my preorder in a day before the announcement, like a good boy.

Anyways, the waves are as follows:

MOTUC Club Grayskull Wave 2 (Filmation):

Sorceress (With alternate Kuduk Ungol head)
Tung Lashor (With alternate open mouth head)

MOTUC Collector’s Choice Wave 2:


While I’m still excited for the first waves, these two blow them away! The selection in the Collector’s Choice wave is incredible. Who would have thought we’d finally have a Horde Mummy? All four Grayskull wave characters are great, but Sorceress is on another level. I may have to get a second just to display the Kuduk Ungol head.



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