Marvel Legends International Gladiator Hulk BAF Wave

Hasbro: Marvel Legends International Best Of Hulk Build-A-Figure Carded Shots

For the past couple of years Hasbro has released a movie themed wave complete with a build-a-figure to non-United States markets. If I had to guess this was because a lot of movie characters end up being spaced out into exclusives to stores that just aren’t easily accessible to Marvel Legends’ global audience.

Marvel Legends International Hulkbuster BAF Wave

In 2015 Hasbro released a Hulkbuster build-a-figure wave that consisted of the following single-carded characters:
MCU Loki with Right Arm (From the Walmart Avengers Series)
MCU Hawkeye with Lower Torso (From the Amazon Age of Ultron 4-Pack)
MCU Black Widow with Upper Torso (From the Mandroid BAF wave, from Iron Man 2)
MCU Iron Man with Left Leg (From a whole mess of reissues, but it’s the Avengers Mark VI version)
MCU Hulk with Head (From Age of Ultron Thanos BAF wave)
MCU Captain America with Left Arm (From Walmart Avengers Series)
MCU War Machine with Right Leg (From the Age of Ultron US Hulkbuster BAF wave)
MCU Thor (From the Amazon Age of Ultron 4-Pack)

I don’t own this wave, but from what I’ve heard the Hulkbuster is also a darker red version of the US release.

Marvel Legends International Giant Man BAF Wave

In 2016 Hasbro put out a best of set from Civil War which built Giant Man, and that wave had the following single carded figures:
MCU Scarlet Witch with Left Arm (From Abomination BAF wave)
MCU Iron Man Mark 46 with Right Arm (From US Giant Man BAF wave)
MCU Winter Soldier with Torso (From Civil War Walmart Exclusive)
MCU War Machine with Left Leg (From Target Two-Pack)
MCU Captain America with Head (From US Giant Man BAF Wave)
MCU Black Panther with Right Leg (From US Giant Man BAF Wave)
MCU Falcon (From Civil War Walmart Exclusive)

This version of Giant Man has a more silver helmet and arm-guards, as opposed to the US release with was shaded darker. There is also a difference in the color of Scarlet Witch’s flame effects.

Finally that brings us to the 2017 set which isn’t specific to one movie, and merges both Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy without really finishing out the cast of either. This set builds Gladiator Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok and has the following figures:
MCU Thor with Weapon (From Ragnarok Hulk BAF Series)
MCU Loki with Left Arm (From Ragnarok Hulk BAF Series)
MCU Hela with Head and Helmet (From Ragnarok Hulk BAF Series)
MCU Star-Lord with Right Leg (From GOTG Titus BAF Series)
MCU Gamora with Right Arm (From GOTG Mantis BAF Series)
MCU Drax with Right Leg (From GOTG Titus BAF Series)
MCU Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot with Torso (From GOTG Mantis BAF Series)

I can’t tell from the pictures, but it doesn’t look like Hulk has changed all that much. However, both Star-Lord and Hela appear to have lost their unmasked heads for this release, in addition to Rocket who only has one head visible in the box.

The pictures are from a recently listed eBay auction, if you are interested feel free to check it out here. (Warning, they are pricey, but I’d imagine as this starts to saturate the international market prices will go down)


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