Hasbro: Marvel Legends Infinity War Cull Obsidian, Thor, and Black Widow Revealed

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Infinity War Cull Obsidian, Thor, and Black Widow Revealed

So that thing I said yesterday about daily Marvel Legends reveals, Hasbro hasn’t let me down yet! Today, Kotaku revealed the non Ant-Man MCU characters that will be part of the second Marvel Legends Infinity War wave. In addition to this they have a whole mess of promotional imagery from both waves, but we’ll focus on the new guys for now. Hopefully, we get a full promotional image update from Hasbro later today.

So as of now, it looks like the second Infinity War wave will be as follows:

Avengers: MCU Cull Obsidian Build-A-Figure Fall 2018
Black Knight
MCU Ant-Man
MCU Wasp
MCU Thor
MCU Black Widow

So unless they are holding anything back, it looks as though this wave will include six characters plus the build-a-figure Cull Obsidian, who would be the second member of Thanos’ Black Order. Some interesting takeaways from these pictures is that, of cours, Thor got his eye back. In addition to that, the axe he’s holding looks like the handle was made by Groot. Black Widow is blonde now, but we already knew that. I’m excited to see how she fares with the new face printing.

Actually, since the MCU characters in the first wave were never officially announced, here is the first one which you can likely luck out and find at a Walmart now:

Avengers: MCU Thanos Build-A-Figure February 2018
Songbird (Fans Choice Winner)
King Cobra
Taskmaster (Classic)
MCU Proxima Midnight
MCU Spider-Man
MCU Iron Man
MCU Captain America

By the way, feel free to bookmark our handy Hasbro Marvel Legends checklist in order to keep up with the rapid-fire release schedule we have this year. Check out the official pictures of Black Widow, Thor, and Cull Obsidian.


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