Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinty War Thanos BAF

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Infinity War Thanos Build-A-Figure Series Found in Australia

In what I can only assume was an effort to get all of these figures out of production before Chinese New Year, we now have three Marvel Legends waves that have hit retail in the course two weeks. Spider-Man’s Lizard wave and Deadpool’s Sasquatch wave have both been spotted heavily in Canada as well as the United States. Now we have reports from Australia that the Infinity War wave has hit retail shelves! Not only do we have confirmation that the wave is coming, but we also know the full lineup as well:

(Big thanks to The Fwoosh forum member The Scream Man and his friend in Australia Nicolas La Sala)

Build-A-Figure: MCU Thanos
MCU Spider-Man
MCU Captain America
MCU Iron Man
MCU Proxima Midnight
King Cobra

So really, what we all kind of expected came to be. The one interesting thing is that I did think Proxima Midnight was going to be a comic version. Afterall, this wave is already heavy on new sculpts, so she seemed like a character that would take minimal new tooling. NOPE! It’s fine, and it probably leads the way to a MCU Corvus Glaive being in the second wave, and possibly MCU Black Dwarf as the build-a-figure for that wave. I’d still like to see a comic set of the Black Order. I’m a big fan of the Proxima Midnight headdress from the books.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinty War Thanos BAF

Anyways, here are some quick thoughts on the a few of the rest of the wave:

MCU Spider-Man – Costume is gorgeous. I really wasn’t expecting an unmasked head, but no additional hands?
MCU Captain America – Exactly what I wanted. Face looks a bit odd, but it may just be the quick phone pictures. I’m guessing he has some Wakanda shield?
MCU Iron Man – He’s two per case, but doesn’t include a build-a-figure part. I’d really be happy to pass on this one completely, especially with no Tony head.


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  1. I thought the Spider-man suit looked stupid at the end of homecoming, and in the infinity wars trailer, but it makes a great toy.

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