Hasbro: Marvel Legends Stan Lee Build-A-Figure Revealed

So it looks as though the rumors of a Stan Lee build-a-figure spread out among a handful of two-packs are real! At Toy Fair, the Everett Ross and Erik Killmonger two-pack was revealed via slideshow but were not featured in the showroom afterward. This is probably why!

I can trace this picture back as far as this Instagram post, who innocently enough just wanted the two-pack, not even realizing they just dropped the Stan Lee build-a-figure bomb on us. It looks like a picture from an overseas trade show, as the prices are in Yen.

Stan Lee Build-a-Figure Everett Ross Erik Killmonger Hasbro

It looks like Ross and Killmonger will include Stan Lee’s legs. I wonder where the rest will come from? How many more surprises are we going to get this year, Hasbro?

Also, that Killmonger head sculpt is gorgeous! I really hope they can go back and do him in something other than his Panther suit for a future release.


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