Hasbro: 'Marvel Studios The First Ten Years' Marvel Legends Revealed

Hasbro: ‘Marvel Studios The First Ten Years’ Marvel Legends Revealed

Nothing has been officially announced, but it appears that Walmart has jumped the gun and revealed via online store listing the first two Marvel Legends action figure sets in Hasbro’s ‘Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years‘ series. It looks as though this series is somewhat of an apology line that may include some much needed villains from previous Marvel Cinematic Universe films that never made it to plastic.

What has been revealed thus far is a Captain America: Civil War two-pack including Captain America (with an updated likeness of Chris Evans) and Crossbones! You can find the store listing here. The set is listed at a price of $49.99 which is a ten dollar hike from previous Marvel Legends two-packs. Could this be just a price increase in general? Or maybe these sets could include something extra like a build-a-figure part? I suppose we may see if these are shown off at Toy Fair this weekend.

The second reveal is a single packed Iron Man Mark 7. We’ve gotten a lot of Iron Man figures throughout the years, maybe too many. However, we’ve never gotten a proper Mark 7 from the Avengers film. On top of that it looks like Hasbro has tweaked the sculpt a bit and he has adjustable air flaps. Iron Man is also listed at a five dollar price increase of $24.99.

There are additional listings in the Walmart system that do not have pictures of descriptions yet. I’d check out this post on The Fwoosh which does a great job detailing those additonal listings. Hopefully we hear more about this wave at Toy Fair, this weekend. Stay tuned!


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