Marvel Legends Infinity War Groot, Rocket, Thor

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Infinity War Box Sets Revealed

More daily Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinity War reveals? Sure, why not!

Next up to the plate we have a couple exclusives. Some we’ve actually seen in stores like the Scarlet Witch and Vision set. Others are all new like this Toys R Us exclusive Thor, Rocket Raccoon, and Teen Groot set. Finally, we recently saw half of the rumored Winter Soldier and Falcon Target exclusive, now we can see what both figures look like.

I’ve updated the Hasbro Marvel Legends Checklist with these reveals, and here is some additional information on these sets. Enjoy!

Marvel Legends Infinity War Toys R Us Exclusive Thor, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot Three-pack. Retail price $49.99 available June 2018.

Marvel Legends Infinity War Toys R Us Exclusive Vision and Scarlet Witch Two-Pack. Retail price $39.99 available March 2018.

Marvel Legends Infinity War Target Exclusive Falcon and Winter Soldier Two-Pack. Retail price $39.99 available June 2018.

** I found these pictures all over the internet this morning, however I’d heard that Pixel Dan and The Fwoosh had original exclusivity to them. So I just wanted to give both of those places a shout out!


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