Toys 'R' Us 2018 Exclusives Tracking

What’s Going To Happen To All of the 2018 Toys R Us Exclusives?

Great question, myself!

The answer right now is that we really don’t know. So naturally, I decided to make a page to keep track of what was planned for 2018 and where those items may end up. Like any list, this is a work in progress and I don’t collect every line ever, so if there is anything I missed feel free to hit me up in the comments or elsewhere.

It’s, of course, heartbreaking that Toys R Us is closing. So hopefully we can figure out where all these toys land, and you can get the figures you were looking forward to this year. I’ll make an extra effort to keep this list as updated as possible. Thanks!

Toys R Us 2018 Store Closing Exclusive Tracker


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