Hasbro: Marvel Legends Genis-Vell, Grey Gargoyle, and Loki Revealed

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Genis-Vell, Grey Gargoyle, and Loki Revealed

Across the pond over at Paris Comic Convention 2018, Hasbro has revealed some additional Marvel Legends action figures for 2019. We’d already had a majority of the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie-themed Kree Sentry build-a-figure wave shown previously. Two comic-based figures debuted at the show including Genis-Vell (who technically showed up at SDCC, but was never acknowledged) and Grey Gargoyle. This brings the lineup for this wave to:

1. MCU Captain Marvel
2. MCU Nick Fury
3. MCU Kree Soldier
4. MCU Skrull
5. Genis-Vell
6. Grey Gargoyle
Kree Sentry Build-A-Figure

That brings our count to this wave at six, a perfectly acceptable number for a build-a-figure wave. Will there be more? Possibly a variant Captain Marvel? Time will tell!

Marvel Legends Series 6-inch Loki Figure (Avengers wave)

In addition to these two, a Classic Loki was revealed for an Avengers wave that seems to just be catching all of the random reveals like Hercules. We don’t really have a definitive lineup for this wave yet.

(Not sure who to credit for these pictures since they’ve been passed around Facebook and Twitter mercilessly)

No official pictures were provided, but Hasbro did also have two more members of the Spider-Man-themed Kingpin build-a-figure wave: Six-Armed Spider-Man and Puma. I’d imagine that this completes the wave, so the entire lineup is as follows:

1. Modern Symbiote Spider-Man
2. Six-Armed Spider-Man
3. Red Goblin
4. Black Cat
5. Silver Sable
6. Night Trasher
7. Puma
Kingpin Build-A-Figure


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