Hasbro: Marvel Legends Black Panther M'Baku Product Images Revealed

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Black Panther M’Baku Wave Product Images Revealed

Things have been a little quiet lately regarding the Marvel Legends second Black Panther wave. We knew the M’Baku wave was supposed to hit late 2018. However, no preorders or any real concrete info was released until now, leaving some collectors skeptical. On this Thanksgiving, (for us American folks, anyway) let’s be thankful that official product images have finally turned up, and this all Marvel Cinematic Universe set looks fantastic!

If you haven’t been following along, the M’Baku build-a-figure wave is as follows (Feel free to check out our Marvel Legends Checklist as well if you need to look up any current or past wave):

Marvel Legends Black Panther M'Baku Build-A-Figure Wave

M’Baku Build-A-Figure
Black Panther – Arm
Black Panther (Vibranium Suit) – Arm
Erik Killmonger (Tactical Suit) – Head and Stave
T’Chaka – Leg
Klaue – Torso
Dora Milaje – Leg

It looks as if there are a couple of surprises here. Sadly, T’Chaka did not end up coming up with an unmasked head. Not that I was expecting one, but it would have been cool. Both Black Panther variants include new Chadwick Boseman heads with different expressions. This makes those double-dips a little less painful.

Also, the Dora Milaje is now labeled as such, instead of specifically being called Ayo, who is one of the three heads included.

With these pictures starting to appear, I have a feeling that preorders will likely go up around December 1st, and the wave will ship some time before the new year. I am quite excited about this all MCU wave, Black Panther definitely deserved a second wave to round out the cast (even if Shuri is still missing).

The pictures aren’t the greatest since they’ve been passed all over Facebook and artifacted to hell:



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