Hasbro: Captain Marvel's Purr-fect Accessories Revealed

Hasbro: Captain Marvel’s Purr-fect Accessories Revealed

Captain Marvel Marvel Legends is causing me to say “Marvel” far more than I’m comfortable with. Regardless, Captain Marvel is the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, so naturally, we have to marvel at the Marvel Legends for Captain Marvel.

Today, Hasbro revealed the final figure and some additional accessories that will be included in the Captain Marvel Kree Sentry build-a-figure wave. This wave of seven figures is slated to hit stores in early 2019. The complete lineup is as follows (which can also be found in our Marvel Legends checklist):

Captain Marvel: Kree Sentry Build-A-Figure Wave
MCU Captain Marvel
MCU Captain Marvel (Bomber Jacket)
MCU Kree Soldier
MCU Nick Fury
MCU Skrull
Grey Gargoyle

This is the first time we’ve seen Captain Marvel in her bomber jacket. The jacketed variant will also include Goose, Carol’s Flerken cat (her feline is not named Chewie in this film, I’d assume it has to do with another brand occupying the name). Nick Fury’s accessory was also revealed to be Goose all shackled up. I have no idea what the means for the movie, but hopefully Goose isn’t a Skrull!

Also, we have our first look at carded Carol. She looks to come with an alternate, masked head, and two open hands.

This wave is expected to hit shelves in the Spring of 2019 (probably very early in the year) and each figure’s MSRP is $19.99.


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