WWE Mattel Zombies Series 3 Review

There’s 3 things I love. Wrestling, Horror Movies, and Action Figures. And when you combine all 3 of these things, it inspires me to write a new review to say the least. I was able to obtain 5 out of 6 of these action figures at my local Five Below on the way home from work this week, so without any further delay, let’s get to the review.

First up is Charlotte Flair, quite possibly my favorite in this series. Unlike the other figures in this line, she retains Elite style articulation, as opposed to the Basic style on the other 5. Looking more like a swamp witch than a straight-up zombie, she comes with a removable robe (Didn’t know zombies wore entrance attire). The paint job on this is fantastic compared to some of the others in the line, giving her more of an early stage decay look than an undead one. She gets a 5 out of 5.

Next we have Shinsuke Nakamura. When I first saw the prototype pictures, this was one of the characters I was more excited about seeing the Mattel design team’s take on. However, the figure we get at retail is quite disappointing. His jacket is molded separately, so at first glance I thought, “OK, cool. He probably has removable zombie guts under the jacket or something squicky and gross and fun like that.” Unfortunately, upon opening him up, I discovered that the jacket does not have an opening, nor does the figure have any real sculpted detailing on it. And without the signature facial hair, this comes off as more of a circa 2018 Michael Jackson action figure than a Shinsuke Nakamura one. Mattel had a big opportunity with this one and kind of blew it sadly. The Artist gets a 2 out of 5.

Finding his way into this review third we have Kane, or in this case, The Big Red Zombie. He doesn’t look like much at first, but once you get him out of the package, you’ll notice quite a lot of attention paid to the sculpting detail on this one. The rotted forearm with the exposed bone is a nice touch. But hey, wait a minute! This mask looks QUITE familiar!

WWE Mattel Zombies Series 3 Review

Turns out it’s the same one they’ve included with the last 2 Kane figures Mattel has released with removable masks. But look at the detail on his face once you remove it! Fairly reminiscent of The Tar-Man from the Return Of The Living Dead film. This is a solid figure. 4.5 out of 5 (I only took off .5 because a simple distressed paint application on the mask would have really made this pop).

Next up is Woken Matt Hardy. This figure captures his on-screen persona perfectly with the facial expression, then adds to it with the paint apps. And what’s this? It looks like his spine twists completely around! That’s a fun point of articulation, and one I rarely see on any action figure, especially in a wrestling line. But how much does it twist……

WWE Mattel Zombies Series 3 Review

DELETED! Woken Matt is once again Broken Matt! The upper torso is completely removable! This is a fun feature they do for maybe one figure per line in this series (Seth Rollins had a removable leg in the last wave), but this just takes it to another level! I never thought I could be so entertained by a severed torso. 5 out of 5.

Closing out this review (because they didn’t have Jeff Hardy) is Finn Balor. I’m honestly surprised it took Mattel this long to release him in the Zombies line. I like that they decided to give him half a head on an exposed spinal column, much like they did with Stone Cold Steve Austin in the last series. It would appear his body paint applications have become sentient, and are now fully sculpted 3-D designs, including the Eye of Sauron (Eye of Gore-On? Gowron? Yes I went this far to make a bad Klingon joke) sculpted on his back. It’s a fairly impressive figure for a novelty line, and even though Balor isn’t as white hot on television as he was a year ago, both fans and completists will want to add this version of the Demon King to their shelf. 4 out of 5.

In closing, this wave is fairly impressive for one that was released when a lot of retail chains were starting to die off (Maybe there’s a pun in there, maybe not). Hence why the first time I even saw these in a physical store was at a Five Below, which it seems is quickly becoming the successor to Toys R Us. For the price I paid this set is definitely worth picking up if you’re a fan of WWE, Zombies, Horror, and anything in between. Here’s hoping Mattel green-lights a Zombies Wave 4, because the world still needs a Zombie Becky Lynch action figure.


DJ Maniak

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