Medicom: MAFEX Comic Wolverine Revealed

Medicom: MAFEX Comic Wolverine Revealed

Looks like Medicom is gonna dip their toes into that lucritive X-Men pool. Sure, they had previously announced Deadpool, but everyone has a Deadpool so really who cares? Wolverine is the first X-Men branded figure in their incredible Marvel Comics MAFEX line.

Preorders should begin soon. Wolverine is expected to ship around November 2019. He looks to come with a Logan head, two masked heads, a mask to drape over his neck when not wearing a mask, and three pairs of hands. It’s actually a little less of an accessory load-out than I would expect, but I think it covers the essentials for the character.

Don’t forget that MAFEX Gwenpool is currently out and spectacular. In addition MAFEX comic versions of Spider-Man, Venom, adult Miles Morales, Deadpool, and Evil Gwen are slated to be released this year!

Check out the pictures below, and we’ll be sure to post more info as it becomes available.


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