Toy Fair 2019: Mezco Toyz Debuts their "Five Point" Line Along With Many One:12 Reveals

Toy Fair 2019: Mezco Toyz Debuts their “Five Point” Line Along With Many One:12 Reveals

Mezco Toyz has made quite a name for themselves with their One:12 collective premium action figure line. Every new release is a huge event, woth preorders often selling out in minutes. Mezco always hosts a special event for Toy Fair press to preview their new offerings and 2019 was no exception.

One of the more exciting reveals was their new 3.75-inch line called “Five Point.” If you haven’t figured it out yet, the meaning is fairly obvious as these are five point-of-articulation toys. In a world where people want more and more articulation this may seem like a step back, but far from it. The sculpts on these figures are incredibly on-model to their corresponding cartoon properties. Those Scooby Doo figures look like they just hopped out of an animation cell. In addition to the incredible sculpting, the “Five Point” collection will include alternate heads and accessories as needed.

The One:12 Collective line also had some great new reveals, and not all of it was superheroes! Some notable reveals were Pennywise from the 2017 IT, the alien from They Live, Hellboy from the upcoming movie, and Mezco’s mascot Gomez.


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