SDCC 2019: Hasbro Marvel Legends Reveals

SDCC 2019: Hasbro Marvel Legends Reveals

Hasbro blew away fans at San Diego Comic Convention 2019, revealing a ton of new figures in a line that is now shipping 100+ figures a year. As always, we keep our Marvel Legends Checklist up to date with these new announcements, so feel free to bookmark it.

First off, a few new figures and sets have been revealed for the remainder of 2019:

Walgreens Fall exclusive was revealed to be Dani Moonstar and she comes with heads and hands to make Karma and Wolfsbane. So I guess this means I need to buy three?

Deadpool gets a suited body and Hit Monkey gets a fresh coat of paint in their new two-pack slated for Fall 2019.

We finally get an update to the Jim Lee Jean Grey in a new three-pack also including Cyclops and Wolverine.

Polaris and Havok have a two-pack coming this Fall as well.

MCU’s Giant Man build-a-figure gets a single carded release. As well as a new Punisher and X-Force Deathlok.

And that brings us to 2020, where we have bits and pieces of some new waves:

First off, we have two new Marvel Rider sets: Squirrel Girl and Cosmic Ghostrider. Both of these are huge wants of mine!

In what I assume will be the first Spider-Man wave for 2020, there will be two PS4 Spider-Man suits: Velocity Suit and Spider Armor Mark 3. This wave will also include a new classic version of Vulture and Shang-Chi. No build-a-figure has been announced yet.

The next X-Men wave will be heavily Age of Apocalypse themed starting with Morph and Wolverine. In addition to that X-Man makes his Marvel Legends debut. The build-a-figure for this wave is also currently unknown.

Strong Guy is the build-a-figure for an upcoming Deadpool themed wave. We don’t know any of the other figures yet, but now everyone can stop speculating if he’s coming or not.

Finally, Doom and She-Hulk were revealed as what can only be assumed is a Fantastic Four themed wave.

Feel free to check out the official pictures provided by Hasbro below:


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