Fan Expo 2019: Hasbro Marvel Legends Alpha Flight Box Set Revealed

I had expected a reveal or two from the Hasbro Marvel Legends team at 2019’s Fan Expo Canada, but six? That’s crazy! Canada’s Superteam gets a much needed shot in the arm with a six figure Amazon exclusive box set that includes Snowbird, Shaman, Aurora, Vindicator, Puck, and Northstar. They will join Sasquatch and Guardian, who are sure to get a little aftermarket bump from this announcement.

Of the six figures in this box set, five are first-timers in Marvel Legends. Puck is the only one who previously had a figure, but his previous version was as the build-a-figure for a notoriously hard to get X-Men wave. Puck looks to have the same body but boasts a brand new head.

As I mentioned, this set is an Amazon exclusive and it’s actually available to preorder right now! It’s expected to ship in early December, so make sure to give the love of your life a gift they will truly enjoy, Alpha Flight!


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