Hasbro: Transformers HasLab Unicron Gets New Accessories

We’re in the home stretch for Hasbro’s HasLab crowdfunding effort to get a GIGANTIC Unicron made and manufactured. In an effort to hopefully sweeten the deal, a few more accessories have been revealed for the largest Transformer ever conceived.

First off, Unicron will now have multiple chin options in order to make him more movie accurate. He can either have a goatee-style or smooth chin. Second, a 1.5-inch Galvatron slug figure will also be included, so that Unicron can eat him!

As of this publication, Unicron is at 5,273 backers of the 8,000 needed to move forward. We’re close but still have a ways to go with three days left. If you haven’t already, check Unicron out over at Hasbro Pulse, and see if maybe you want to back the largest Transformer ever made!


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