Medicom: MAFEX ‘Into the Spiderverse’ Peter B. Parker Official Pics and Details Revealed

Medicom has begun soliciting their second MAFEX figure from “Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse,” Peter B. Parker. Pete will join Miles Morales in the MAFEX collection which includes soft goods that give the characters movie accurate clothing like sweatpants, jackets, and hoodies.

Peter B. Parker will include lots of webs, a coffee cup, pizza slice, removed mask, shoes, bare feet, alternate lower legs, a jacket, sweatpants, and multiple masked and unmasked heads. This release really is the full package! Peter B. Parker is expected to ship around June 2020 and the asking price is about 8,800 YEN. I’d expect most stores to start opening preorders in the next day or so.

Check out the official pictures of MAFEX Peter B. Parker provided by Medicom below:


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