Medicom: MAFEX Child's Play 2 Chucky Official Pics Revealed

Medicom: MAFEX Child’s Play 2 Chucky Official Pics Revealed

Medicom’s MAFEX line is getting a little scarier! Official pictures of MAFEX Chucky have hit the internet along with solicitations from Japan. This Chucky, specifically, is from “Child’s Play 2.” Amongst the expected collection of accessories, Chucky also features movable eyes which will really take posing to another level.

MAFEX Chucky will include 3 interchangeable faces, cloth overalls, ruler, bat, 2 knives, hammer, and an alternate hand. He’s roughly 133 mm (5.2 inches) tall. Chucky is expected to ship around June 2020. Check out the translated description below from Amazon Japan:

Hi I’m Chucky

“Good Guys” from “Child’s Play 2”!

Move the eyeballs to recreate the terrible expression in the play! In addition to the Good Guys face, two replacement Chucky faces are included! The overalls use cloth costumes More natural poses are possible! A variety of weapon parts are included! (2 types of knives, bats, hammers and rulers)

Includes movable figure stand!
Height: approx. 130mm.
Sculptor Masato Otsuki & PERFECT-STUDIO.
Costume production: Yumiko Noda (Soing).

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