Hasbro: Marvel Legends International Comic Convention Reveals Roundup

This weekend, a bunch of international comic conventions were held and Hasbro hosted panels at both Paris Comic Con and MCM London. We wanted reveals and sure enough, we got them, so let’s get right down to it:

First off, the Fantastic Four themed wave slated for late 2019 or early 2020 was only missing its build-a-figure. As I had expected, Super Skrull was revealed as the BAF for the wave, including two heads and alternate arms. Preorders have begun to go up so check out the Amazon affiliate links next to each character. The finalized lineup for this wave is as follows:

Build-A-Figure: Super Skrull
Mister Fantastic (Amazon Link)
Invisible Woman (Amazon Link)
Human Torch (Amazon Link)
Thing (Amazon Link)
Doctor Doom (Amazon Link)
She-Hulk (Amazon Link)

Next up, the Spider-Man wave also gets its build-a-figure: Demogoblin. This wave is also expected to start hitting late December or early January. Preorders are open for these figures as well. Check out the full lineup below:

Build-A-Figure: Demogoblin
Spider-Man Velocity Suit (Amazon Link)
Spider-Man Mark III
Superior Octopus (Amazon Link)
Vulture (Amazon Link)
Shang-Chi (Amazon Link)
White Rabbit (Amazon Link)

In addition to these, we have what I can only imagine is a Black Widow movie-themed wave coming with Winter Soldier and Spy Master reveals.

Oh, and we got a new look at Strong Guy, the build-a-figure of the upcoming Deadpool-themed wave that includes a Blue and Gold Deadpool, Sunspot, and Warpath.

I’ve updated the Marvel Legends release date and checklist, so everything revealed this weekend should be there. So check it out, spread it around, or do whatever you want.

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