NYCC 2019: Hasbro Marvel Legends Reveals

While Hasbro doesn’t have a dedicated Marvel area at New York Comic Convention, that didn’t stop them from bringing us a few new surprises! I was able to have a small group interview with the Marvel Legends team (which I’ll get to in another post) and they revealed some of the new figures coming in 2020.

First off, at San Diego Comic Convention we learned that Doctor Doom and She-Hulk would be part of a build-a-figure wave. It seemed pretty obvious from the getgo that this wave was going to be Fantastic Four themed, and low and behold that became the case! They will be joined by Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and Thing. Sure, we just spent the last two years piecing this team together at Walgreens, but this set is all-new with different accessories and matching uniforms. This wave will have six figures and the build-a-figure will be revealed in the coming months. It’s expected to hit stores around the same time as the 2020 Spider-Man wave, roughly around late December/early January. Happy Holidays!

Our next reveal is a little further out. The Strong Guy build-a-figure wave now has three members of its cast named: Blue and Gold Deadpool, Warpath, and Sunspot. Warpath is the first reuse of last year’s brand new Omega Red body. It looks great! This wave is expected to hit around Spring of 2020, so we still have some time.

And finally, Stan Lee! At one point he appeared to be slated as a build-a-figure but instead now comes as a single special release in Spring 2020.

Check out the official pictures below, and don’t forget we keep an up to date Marvel Legends checklist in case you need to know what has been released or is coming in the future.

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