Hasbro: Marvel Legends Vintage Carded Mysterio Revealed

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Vintage Carded Mysterio Revealed

Looks like Marvel Mondays are back on the menu, boys! Preorders have gone up for a new Marvel Legends Mysterio on the Spider-Man Vintage themed card back. Similar to the Marvel Legends X-Men vintage collection, we now have a Vintage Spider-Man wave which was partially revealed at Toy Fair to include Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker, and a brand new Spider-Man mold. This Mysterio is similar to the white and black costume Storms, a fan channel exclusive independent of a full wave.

Preorders are up now for Mysterio at your favorite “Fan Channel” outlets, so feel free to check them out or order from this site’s sponsor, Entertainment Earth.

Check out the official shots of Mysterio and the card art below:

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