Hasbro: Marvel Legends Fan First Friday Reveals

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Fan First Friday Reveals

Last week, Hasbro hosted their ‘First Friday’ themed around Marvel Legends and it really was quite delightful! While there was a bit of a leak the morning of the event, the professionals on Hasbro’s Marvel Legends team still put on a great showing with some legit surprises. Here’s a rundown of everything revealed:

(I’ve included purchase links from some of our affiliates where applicable)

In addition to these reveals that were available to preorder immediately, we also had a few teases:

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated movie Marvel Legends are coming! No characters were confirmed but they did acknowledge that figures are currently in development.
  • HasLab Sentinel is going to be BIG! They showed off a leg for the upcoming crowdfund project, it’s gonna be huge.
  • Sticking with the leg theme, we saw the leg and foot of what can only be assumed is Sebastian Shaw. Is a Hellfire Club set finally in the works?
    • To take it a step further, the next Hasbro Pulse army builder will be an all-new figure that has never had a Marvel Legend. Are Hellfire Goons finally going to happen?
  • 2021 will see the biggest build-a-figure ever in the Marvel Legends action figure line!
  • Two San Diego Comic Con sets will happen this year, both X-Men, one comic and one movie.

So that’s what we got, check out the official pics provided by Hasbro below:

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