Hasbro: Star Wars Fan First Friday Reveal Breakdown

Hasbro: Star Wars Fan First Friday Reveal Breakdown

Yesterday Hasbro Pulse hosted the first “Fan First Friday” presentation. With San Diego Comic Convention officially canceled for the year, this seems like a good way to directly interact with the fans and reveal upcoming product. Hopefully we’ll be seeing this soon for their other brands like Marvel, GI Joe, and Power Rangers.

So let’s get right into what was shown off, I’ve added a purchase affiliate link to the stuff available to buy or preorder right now:

Star Wars Black Series 6-inch:

  • Imperial Stormtrooper (All-New Tooling)
  • Clone Trooper (Kamino)
  • Luke Skywalker and Yoda Deluxe Set (Dagobah/Jedi Training) – PURCHASE
  • Carbonized Darth Vader Amazon Exclusive – PURCHASE
  • 4-LOM and Zuckuss (Kenner Tribute Deco) Amazon Exclusive – PURCHASE
  • Han in Carbonite Amazon Exclusive – PURCHASE

Star Wars Vintage Collection 3.75-inch:

  • Luke (Stormtrooper Disguise) – PURCHASE

Star Wars Role Play and Other:

  • Boba Fett Helmet (Prototype Armor) – PURCHASE
  • Monopoly (The Child Edition) – PURCHASE

Everything except for the new Stormtrooper and Kamino Clone are available for preorder right now. The two troopers are allegedly part of the next wave which goes up for preorder later in May. Check out the official photography below:

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