Hasbro: Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Lands at Target

Can’t get to Galaxy’s Edge? Well, most of us can’t right now, so instead Hasbro is teaming up with Target to bring Galaxy’s Edge to you! Hasbro has a bunch of exclusive Galaxy’s Edge themed figures coming to Target including stuff from the 6″ Black Series and 3.75″ Vintage Collection.

For the Star Wars Black Series 6″ line we are getting the first Captain Cardinal figure. He should be available in stores and online again around August 30th and will cost $24.99. Here is a direct link to Target’s store listing.

Black Series will also be getting DJ R-3X which could previously only be gotten in a theme park exclusive pack. He’s also $24.99 and you can purchase him here.

The Vintage Collection will see a rerelease of the BMF Millenium Falcon with new Galaxy’s Edge themes that include Hondo, Chewbacca, and a bunch of porgs. This set will run you $399.99 and a direct link to the Target listing is here.

Check out the official photography of these items provided by Hasbro:

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