PulseCon 2020: Marvel Legends Rundown

PulseCon 2020: Marvel Legends Rundown

In case you missed it, yesterday was the first day of Hasbro’s streaming convention, PulseCon. As per usual the Marvel Legends team put on a great, entertaining show with a ton of new reveals. Let’s just dive right into it. I’ll post affiliate links to any preorders that have gone up.

In addition to these items that went up immediately, we were also treated to some previews of things to come later in this year as well as 2021:

  • Stilt Man Build-A-Figure Wave (2021)
    • Into the Spiderverse Miles Morales
    • Into the Spiderverse Ghost Spider (Gwen) with Spider Ham
    • Hand Ninja (Includes leg BAF part to make Stilt Man as tall as you desire!)
  • Bring on the Bad Guys Wave (2021)
    • Arcade
    • Dormammu
  • Deluxe Classic Comic Thanos
  • Silver Surfer (Thanos Wins Version, Walgreens Exclusive)
  • House of X / Powers of X Wave (2021)
    • Moira
    • Professor X
    • Magneto
  • Retro Carded Gambit (Target Exclusive)
  • Retro Carded Rogue (Target Exclusive)
  • Firestar

Check out the images from the presentation that I pulled for our twitter account (by the way follow us on twitter for great coverage). Also threw up pics of the preorder figures, but you should be able to also see them on the store pages listed above.

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