PulseCon 2020: Star Wars Rundown

PulseCon 2020: Star Wars Rundown

We finally have a six-inch Jar Jar! Does anything else even matter? I suppose it does to some. Go ahead and check out the rundown of everything the Star Wars brand revealed at PulseCon 2020. Preorder links provided for stuff that is available to purchase:

Also worth noting that most of these figures are available at our sponsor, Entertainment Earth, if the Amazon links are sold out.

  • Star Wars The Vintage Collection 3.75″
    • Clone Captain Rex (Amazon)
    • Incinerator Trooper (Walmart Exclusive)
    • Tie Fighter Pilot (Amazon)
    • Peasant Disguise Anakin (Amazon)
    • Queen Amidala (Amazon)
    • Battle Droid (Amazon)
  • Star Wars Role Play
    • Ahsoka’s Force FX Lightsaber (Amazon)

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