Hasbro: Marvel Legends Firestar Reveal and Preorders Up

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Firestar Reveal and Preorders Up

It’s been a long time coming, but Marvel Collectors can finally complete their ‘Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” team of Spider-Man, Iceman, and Firestar. We knew Firestar was coming, as she had been revealed at a previous Hasbro Livestream, however today the preorders went up and it all became a little more real.

So what else is there to say really? I’ll get you a nice list of preorder links and you can check out the official photography provided by Hasbro below (links below are from affiliates of our site and Preternia may receive some compensation from any purchases referred via our links):

Entertainment Earth ($20.99)
Best Buy ($19.99)
Hasbro Pulse ($19.99)

Here are some great shots of the new Marvel Legends Firestar, expected to start shipping Spring 2021:

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