Never Released Jazwares 4″ Fortnite Figures

NameRelease TypeUPCFNT NumberFoot Stamp
Gold Agent PeelySolo Mode – Ultra Limited Edition191726490999FNT1298277
Zyg (Golden)Solo Mode – Ultra Limited Edition290
Raz (Golden)Solo Mode – Ultra Limited Edition191726509356FNT1361284
Monarch (Golden) *Solo Mode – Ultra Limited Edition191726509356FNT1361284
Skull Ranger (Gilded)Solo Mode – Ultra Limited EditionFNT1375297
Gummy FishstickSolo Mode – Limited Edition191726490982FNT1297276
Mancake (Cake With No Name)Solo Mode – Limited Edition191726454502FNT1137
Slurp LeviathanSolo Mode – Limited Edition191726454434FNT1130206
The ImaginedSolo Mode – Limited Edition191726509417FNT1367289
Doctor Slone (Plaid)Solo Mode – Limited Edition296
GalaxyMaster Series 4FNT1454354
BytesMaster Series 4
Yond3r (Dapper)Master Series 4
JoeyEmote Series
ManicSolo Mode210
Fishstick (VR)Solo Mode
BloomSolo Mode285
Renegade RaiderSolo Mode286
Crackshot (Pink)Solo Mode191726509400FNT1366
MadcapSolo Mode272
IO Guard (Version 1)Solo Mode191726490951FNT1294
IO Guard (Version 2)Solo Mode
Snap (Lowkey)Solo Mode
ZadieSolo Mode191726490968FNT1295274
Lexa (Mechafusion)Solo Mode191726509448FNT1370292
Metal MouthSolo Mode
SnowmandoSolo Mode191726509455FNT1371293
SkeletaraSolo Mode – Fortnightmares191726509684FNT1394
Big MouthSolo Mode – Fortnightmares
HallowheadSolo Mode – Fortnightmares
Skull Trooper (Purple Glow) **Solo Mode – Unvaulted191726438885FNT1051052
The VisitorSolo Mode – Unvaulted191726490975FNT1296275
Scratch **Solo Mode – Unvaulted
Merry MarauderSolo Mode – Unvaulted294
The ScientistSolo Mode – Unvaulted191726509479FNT1373295
Jellie (Tropical)Duo Mode191726484103FNT1231
Shore LeaveDuo Mode191726484103FNT1231
Skull Trooper (Green Glow) **Duo Mode
Skull Trooper (Gilded)Duo Mode225
Bunker Jonesy **Duo Mode191726491026FNT1301059
P-1000Duo Mode191726491026FNT1301257
Bash (Dark)Duo Mode191726491033FNT1302247
RagsyDuo Mode191726491033FNT1302248
Bao Bro (Beef)Squad Mode (Bao Bros)
Bao Bro (Veggie)Squad Mode (Bao Bros)
Bao Bro (Shrimp)Squad Mode (Bao Bros)
Bao Bro (Pork)Squad Mode (Bao Bros)
Meowscles **Squad Mode (IO vs Syndicate)191726509608FNT1386
EvieSquad Mode (IO vs Syndicate)191726509608FNT1386
Gunnar (Arctic Tac)Squad Mode (IO vs Syndicate)191726509608FNT1386
SledgeSquad Mode (IO vs Syndicate)191726509608FNT1386
Shadow ArchetypeSquad Mode (Tech Pack)191726491057FNT1304256
NeuralynxSquad Mode (Tech Pack)191726491057FNT1304254
8-Ball **Squad Mode (Tech Pack)191726491057FNT1304080
P33lySquad Mode (Tech Pack)191726491057FNT1304255
DireBeast Pack
Chomp Sr.Beast Pack
Peely **Loot Vending Machine
MarigoldLoot Llama 191726427674FNT1005
Rabbit Raider (Dark)Unknown265
Codename E.L.F.Unknown
Blue SquireUnknown
The PrisonerEarly Game Survival Kit191726013303FNT0225

* Monarch (Golden) was supposed to be the original Ultra Limited Edition for the wave consisting of Grimoire, Malik, Hotwire, Moisty Merman (Purple), Tomatohead (Crown), & LE Gunnar. She was replaced by Golden Raz which is why they have the same UPC, FNT Code, and foot stamp number. However, none of the Ultra Limited Editions actually have been released at retail to date.

** Figure is a straight reissue (no changes) of a previous release but in a new set or package.

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