Super7 TMNT Ultimates Raphael (Version 2) Review

Super7 TMNT Ultimates Raphael (Version 2) Review

Looking back, I haven’t done a review or look at an action figure on this site for over two years now. It’s crazy how time gets away from you. I’ve sure bought a lot of toys during that period, but haven’t really tried to take nice pictures of them. Recently, Entertainment Earth reached out and asked if I wanted to take a look at Super7’s TMNT Ultimates Raphael, and I thought it might be a good time to try again. I’m a big fan of Super7 and their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line, and I never experienced the revised version of Raphael so why not?

Sure, Raphael is not a bleeding edge new release, but I’ve come to discover throughout the years of posting links that there’s always new people coming to the hobby. On top of that Entertainment Earth has Raphael marked down to $40.50 right now and you can get free shipping using code SUNFREE22 (that code may expire, so check the site and see if they are offering a new one whenever you check this review). They also have a bundle that includes Raphael, Leonardo, Shredder, and GITD Mutagen Man for $130.50 which if you haven’t gotten into the line yet it’s a great jumping on point.

In case you are unfamiliar with the different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure lines on the market currently, here’s a bit of a catch up. Super7’s Ultimates line is basically recreations of vintage TMNT scaled up with modern articulation sensibilities. Super7 also does a 3.75″, five points of articulation ReAction line as well, similarly vintage inspired. NECA handles cartoon, live-action movie, video game, and comic based properties. Loot Crate is in charge of not delivering TMNT product to their customers. And finally Playmates pops up with some weird crossover figures every once in a while to remind us that like Dre, they are not to be forgotten.

If you are a fan of packaging you are going to love Super7 Ultimates! Like really, I almost have to sit down and prepare myself for action figure opening when new Ultimates show up at my house. Not only are there a lot of accessories but I have to get through a brown mailer, plastic bag, slide cover, and window box to get to them. I throw it all away, but they do look nice carded as well if you are willing to remove them from the brown mailer box. As an aside, I forgot to take pictures of the packaging before I threw it all away. Sorry, I’m rusty at this and just used to opening things as soon as they show up at my house!

One nice thing about the revised version of Raphael is that I can replace the original on my shelf. The new version has noticeably tighter hips which was one of my biggest complaints about the original release. I also never noticed it before, but the original Raphael did not include fists, this new revised edition does! I kind of wish they’d have gone back and revised the wrist pegs on the hands. They’re fine and I’ve never had any break on me, but at the same time they are very thin and can be scary. Looking up above you can also see the difference in color between the two releases’ weapon racks, the new one is a much darker brown. The original release was a closer shade of brown to its vintage ancestor.

Raphael includes two portraits. One is vintage-inspired and the other one, well, I’m not really sure what the muse for that was but it looks nice enough. I’d be lying if I claimed to be a vintage purist with this line, but I do cut the sprues and try to use the unpainted weapons when they look okay. I also display Shredder with his eyebrow helmet head because its such a wild thing to include. I appreciate them including a pouch for him to hold his pizza on the back of the belt.

All in all, I think if you are looking for a grown up version of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line, then Super7 is the way to go. Super7 has some design and engineering sensibility that gets in the way of their toys being super articulated, but the Four Horsemen sculpts and extra paint applications do a lot of the heavy lifting that make these look great on a shelf. We’re four waves into the line with five and six expected to ship this summer. None of figures in the series are too hard to find at the moment so it’s as good a time as any to get in!

Thanks Entertainment Earth for providing the Raphael for this review, you can grab him here (currently at a discount!).

3 thoughts on “Super7 TMNT Ultimates Raphael (Version 2) Review”

  1. I’m happy to hear they revised him a bit! I only have Mikey at this point, but man-oh-man, do I want to get the others at this point.

  2. You should do a review on Leo v2. I have noticed the belt buckle is all black vs silver accents on the v1 version.

    1. Yes!! This is the only place where I have seen someone comment about this whereas I felt as if I was the only one that noticed it! Glad I wasn’t! ?

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