Preternia's Top Ten Action Figures for 2023

Preternia’s Top Ten Action Figures for 2023

Throughout the year I try to keep up with what I’d consider my top ten action figure purchases. I usually post it up on my Twitter account, but who even knows if or when Twitter will shut down for good so I’ll use this old thing for my 2023 list as a backup. Anyway here’s the group shot and I left a few notes below:

Masters of the Universe Origins: Turtles of Greyskull: honestly, I would just stick all four of the figures released so far in this list if I could. But since I have to pick one Donatello gets the nod with a nice touch of being able to combine pole arms with Man-At-Arms. I was skeptical of MOTU Origins when it was announed but that line is cooking now. It’s not crazy to think it may be the best Masters of the Universe line ever made.

Marvel Legends Mania: Spiral was the pick I stuck with almost the entire year. Then during my deliberations for this list I moved over to the Avengers Black Widow release because she does mark the next evolution of the Marvel Legends female build. While I appreciate Widow for that, the character or figure never totally excited me (the potential for future figures does, but that’s not her). Mania is my girl. Also a big “hell yeah” to the team at Hasbro for releasing a figure with spikes that can actually hurt you!

Star Studio Garrosh Hellscream: Yes, he’s unlicensed. Company is Star Studio and you can still order him here. if you want Garrosh he’s Tan Body 03/Tan Kit 03. If you want Grom (Green Grom, not that Warlords of Draenor Grom) then do Green Body 02/Green Kit 02. Unfortunately we have to speak in code to get kick-ass unlicensed World of Warcraft figures. But it’s worth it, Garrosh might be my all time figure of the year.

Bandai S.H.Figuarts Indiana Jones: Just take one look at that smirking face and tell me this isn’t the best Indiana Jones toy ever made.

Patriot Studio Licker: After making Lady Dimitrescu, which was great but essentially a traffic cone, they nailed the articulation needed to make a Licker action figure.

figma Metroid Dread Samus: I didn’t play the game but the color scheme and design of this suit is incredible. She sits on my desk and I find myself posing her all the time.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Batman (Batman & Robin): This is one of those “I can’t believe they did it but I’m so happy they did” releases. Also I prefer the version from the 6-pack because I like cloth capes.

Jazwares Fortnite 4″ Monks: Jazwares really needs to work on getting their figures out there because they are making some of the best 4″ stuff on the market, unfortunately most of it still hasn’t released. Monks did, however, and it’s a killer figure designed with that lovely sock puppet texture. A great skin in game and a great action figure.

Bandai S.H.Figuarts Chainsaw Man Power: Chainsaw Man is cool and all but Power brings a ton of personality and a giant blood hammer.

Super7 Chair: Like you didn’t think I was gonna make this chair a top ten.

In conclusion, lists are fun but I do want to give a big thanks to all the people that follow along with my stuff. It honestly means the world to me. This year was great and I sincerely appreciate everyone that follows, replies, reaches out, smashes that like button, hangs on Discord, etc. Just a bunch of lovely folks out there. Hopefully we can have a good time in 2024 and beyond.

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