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Welcome to Preternia!

You may be thinking to yourself, “why am I at this third-rate He-Man site that has very little to do with He-Man?” And this is a valid question!

The truth is that many years ago I started this website as a way to catalogue and chronicle my Masters of the Universe Classics collection. That idea evolved into Masters of the Universe news and reviews. Eventually, I threw away the whole MOTU exclusivity theme and this site (mostly because I began expanding my horizons and wanted to talk about those things instead) became a general toy news and review website. Name is still the same, but the content has changed!

So here we are today. Don’t let “Preternia” fool you, this isn’t a Masters of the Universe fan site. Instead it’s a site about all toys: convention coverage, news, reviews, and really anything else I feel like throwing up.


Q: Do you accept news submissions?
A: Of course, go ahead and submit any press releases, news items, or whatever you got to jon@preternia.com we’ll look it over and make sure it’s a good fit for the site.

Q: Would you be willing to review my product? Do you take advertising?
A: If you think that your product would be a good fit here, please feel free to contact me at jon@preternia.com, we can absolutely work together to set something up.

Feel free to check out our Contact page for additional ways to reach out!



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