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When you take a look at Snout Spout’s back story, it’s a bit of a bummer.  He was a peasant from Etheria who was captured by Hordak and experimented on.  Ultimately he ended up with a humongous mechanical elephant head and escapes from the Horde to join the Masters.  Even though he escaped the evil Horde, he still feels that everyone is laughing at him because of his huge elephant head.

Masters of the Universe Classics – Snout Spout
Release Date: 11/15/2011 (Subscription)
Price: $20.00
Faction: Masters of the Universe
Real Name: Jaxton


So Jaxton may have a sad existence, but I am more than happy to get him in my collection because I am partial to the weirder MOTU characters.  A red dude with a giant elephant head qualifies as pretty weird in my opinion.  I was a huge fan of the NECA Staction back in the last decade and I think they did a pretty solid job with the classics take on him.

Firstly, as far as the sculpt we have quite a bunch of new parts on top of the main MOTUC buck.  The cuffs, hands, and feet all appear to be new.  His head is GIANT, and has a long bendy trunk, and he has a backpack with straps that go around the body.  He comes with a working clamp (either a clamp or cutters, not positive on that) and an axe.  As far as value on accessories he is pretty strong.  The paint looks good all around, especially in his head where there are a large amount of lines and details sculpted and painted on.

Snout Spout also has one of the best crotches in the line.  Yes, I said that correctly … they did a different kind of wait for Snout Spout.  It’s a soft rubbery waist that doesn’t wrap all the way around, but what it does that the other’s do not is not restrict the movement of the legs.   You can get a lot of range out of his legs, and the soft waist still covers the ball joints in the leg.

Despite all the good, there are a few issues as well.  Firstly, a problem that has plagued the line since the beginning, the loose ankle joints.  You would kind of hope with a new foot/ankle they would have attempted to improve this issue, but it is still there.  My figure came pretty loose around the ankles so you need to find a sweet spot to balance him where he is not putting too much pressure on the ankle in either direction.

One other thing to looks out for is the spout.  Even when bending it freshly, you can see the stress on the soft plastic and I am sure as time goes by it will get more brittle.  If you want it to last a while try to avoid posing it too much as I am sure it will wear down.

Overall Snout Spout is a strong addition to the MOTUC collection, he has a lot going for him, and is a solid make of the classic version with a little modern thrown in as well.

Overall Grade: A-

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