Marvel Legends 2012 Series 2 – Drax Review + Gallery

It seems that lately I have been inundated with new releases, and let my excitement throw my efforts in ten different directions while accomplishing none of them.  So now that I am sitting down, I am going to bang out my backlog of reviews since Hasbro and Mattel have dumped a ton of new figures into my house the past month.  I wanted to get back to Marvel Legends, so I decided to go with Drax the Destroyer, or as his friend’s call him, Drax.

Drax is part of the second Return of Marvel Legends (not sure how much longer I will call it that) series which was released at the same time as the first.  This wave puts together six parts to build Arnim Zola, and Drax includes the left leg.  Like most of the new Marvel Legends figures, Drax is a more modern look (specifically the Annihilation storyline) and includes his knives he now uses because his strength has weakened.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Drax

If you are unfamiliar with Drax, you will notice the figure’s face looks similar to the WWE wrestler Kane.  The rest of the body will remind you a lot of the protagonist of the God of War video game series, Kratos.  A lot of that is probably attributed to the tribal paint but they share similar body types as well.  A good customizer could probably use the body as a good base for Kratos.  One nitpick I have with the body sculpt is that Hasbro should really attempt to do an unclothed upper body at some point because the body they used has a couple very small shirt wrinkles in it because it was used for a shirted character originally.  It’s not a deal breaker in the least, I love this figure, but once you see it you will never unsee it (much like the Fedex arrow).

Like the rest of the figures in this relaunch, Hasbro really came to the plate as far as bringing back the classic qualities of a Marvel Legend.  The articulation scheme is great, and on top of that the plastic is very strong so the joints hold up well.  You have your double elbows and double knees, the new pop-off heads and well as an extra hing for maximum head movement.  The paint on Drax is also fantastic, I’m pretty sure he is molded in a green plastic but it has a wash and of course the tattoos.  Another new thing Hasbro is doing is the belts not being glued on or sculpted onto the figure.  I dig this because I can adjust the belt as needed or even remove it if I don’t like it.  The belt also has holsters for his two knives.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Drax

One of the few problems I have with the figure is the knives because they are very flimsy.  They warp really easily but if you are a big fan of curved knives they will definitely be for you.  His hands are made specifically to hold the knives, which seems to be another theme in the new Legends line.  I know at one point they tinkered with finger articulation but I was never the biggest fan of it, especially for characters that need to carry a weapon.  I always had issues with fingers coming loose so I like the commitment to the hands holding their specific weapons.

Drax is one of the smaller builds in the series, he’s about the height of Constrictor and I think that’s an appropriate height.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Drax

Overall Drax the Destroyer is a very solid addition to the Marvel Legends universe.  He’s a pretty great character that a casual fan probably would never have heard of.  Making such a good looking toy will definitely bring a few people in to find out a little more and possibly get some trades on the guy.  The Drax release will really start to beat the drums for a Thanos as either a build a figure or regular release.  The Marvel Select Thanos is great, but much like Thor I think Hasbro can top it if they try.


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