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If there was ever a polarizing issue in the MOTUC community, it was definitely the idea to add new characters to the mythos. Back at SDCC last year when the 30th Anniversary line was announced a good chunk of people were offended by the fact that the newly announced six figure series would be brand new characters. I think that contention was cooled off a bit when the first two figures announced were the long unmade Fearless Photog and the stunning looking Draego-Man.

Fast forward to Power Con and the announcement of Stinkor, then Slush Head, and finally your third 30th Anniversary figure. This figure created by none other than your favorite brand manager Scott Neitlich: The Mighty Spector. I’d imagine all around the world He-Fans and She-Ravers sat staring at their computer screen with a confused look a good couple minutes before snapping out of it and running to their favorite message board to say mean things about the Spector.


Masters of the Universe Classics – The Mighty Spector
Release Date: 05/15/2012 (30th Anniversary Subscription Figure)
Price: $20.00 Sub – $22.00 Non Sub
Faction: Heroic Master of Time Travel
Real Name: John Spector


I have to admit when I first saw The Mighty Spector; I too felt he had no place in MOTUC. But when I took a step back I realized the MOTUC universe is full of barbarians, monsters, space men, mutants, dragons, robots, and just about any fantasy or sci-fi character archetype you can think of. Is it really that much of a stretch that a time traveling guy in a skin tight leotard could be amongst all these other crazy characters?

So what is this Deadpool rip-off doing in my Masters of the Universe world? Was this really the best you could do Toy Guru? How can I get myself out of this subscription I locked myself into? Questions like these popped up all over the place. Spector was easily the most discussed MOTUC figure from late 2011 through 2012 until his release. Most of that discussion was pretty vitriolic too, especially towards its creator Scott.


So was all this hate necessary? Probably not, I ended up getting over the shock pretty quick. Actually I don’t think it was even fair to say “shock” when I saw the reveal. We are so used to when we see a new figure revealed getting all excited because “finally that guy is being made.” The MOTUC reveal process is very lethargic for fans because we are so afraid of being hurt by a canceled line and “that guy” won’t get made. Sure we tear them apart for missing deco or reversed body parts later … but in the back of our heads we are glad that figure is coming. So when Spector and to a certain extent Laser-Lot were revealed there was no flush of relief because we had never heard of these characters before. This is that new Prometheus type of world we enter with these new characters … not knowing if they are going to be friendly when we wake them up from cryosleep. Or if they will rip off Roboto’s head and beat us to death with it then go blow up our planet.

The horror!

I’m glad to say I think Spector is a perfectly fitting addition to the MOTUC collection. The first thing I noticed about him is that I love the energy knife that you can attach to his wrist. He also comes with an attachment that is just the base of the knife so he isn’t running all over Eternia and Preternia with his knife extended. No matter what era of history you are in, leaving your energy knife fully exposed seems like an act of aggression.

Spector also sports a yellow bandolier, again very similar to Deadpool however slightly different because it also goes the distance in connecting to his leg holster.  Now the center of the bandolier has a spade symbol on it … this is where I start to worry.  I like to hope that the Spector is not a racist because that is the worst thing you can be.  There has been a little bit of a racist undertone towards the blue-skinned Gar people in the new Classics mythology.  I really hope Spector is not traveling through time and space simply to undermine minority groups or anything like that.  I’ll stay optimistic and guess it was just a cool symbol to put on his chest even though I heard rumblings that the spade is possibly for a new faction, or fakkktion some would say!


The other thing that scares me about Spector is that he may be a pervert.  If you look closely at his Predator-inspired wrist console it seems like it is saying “SEX.”  Again, maybe Spector speaks and writes in strange ancient languages that look nothing like what we have today.  But I just hope there is no Jerry Sandusky stuff going on with all this time jumping.  Also that whip he was originally shown with has mysteriously disappeared?  A lot of questions about this John Spector guy … not a lot of answers.


So is Spector the figure of the year?  No, I will say he never had a chance considering the amount of vintage love we got this year.  Is he a steaming pile of garbage as some fans would exclaim?  No, he is definitely a solid figure with some nice features, cool accessories and ideas.

Our 30th Anniversary Class thus far.

Some people feel that it taints the line to add new characters and I would have to strongly disagree with that.  Adding new characters, no matter who made them breathes new life into the line.  I’m not worried that Spector will be the guy who causes Ram Man to eventually not be made, Ram Man wouldn’t have taken this slot anyway.  I’m just going to sit back and enjoy this little 30th Anniversary experiment and hope it eventually leads to new characters in the future as well.

So where can I get the Mighty Mighty Spector?  Well he sold out on Mattycollector so I would suggest hitting up Amazon.  Right now he can be had for around $30 with free super saver shipping (which is probably faster than Newgistics).  Of course there is always ebay if you like to go that route as well.

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