MOTU Comics: Digital First #6 – Orko

Hey look, it has been two weeks and another Masters of the Universe Digital First from DC Comics.  The character of the week is none other than the court magician Orko!  While the last episode was very noir and dark, this was exactly the opposite.  This comic went completely off the rails as Orko screws up something and throws Eternia into complete insanity.

I would have to say this is the most fun read in the series so far, and possibly my favorite.  It’s hard to beat the King Randor issue, but this one gets pretty darn close.  Don’t forget to pick this one up so that DC knows there is interest in this line and keeps it going.  There really isn’t much communication as far as how long they plan to do these, or even who the weekly features character is.  So hopefully there IS a next issue, I really enjoy my bi-weekly fix.


You can pick this comic, back issues, and just about any comic digitally through Comixology.  I really didn’t like the idea of digital comics, but these shorts are a great little collection to browse on the phone every once in a while.

Info –

Masters of the Universe Digital First #6 – Orko
Story – Jeff Parker
Cover and Art – Christopher Gugliotti
Cost – .99
Pages – 23
Release Date – 9/29/2012


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