Walking Dead Minimates SDCC Rick and Vacation Zombie Review

I need another collection like I need a hole in my head.  Luckily Walking Dead merchandise up to this point has been bad at best.  Also I really want nothing to do with the television show, I know a lot of people like it, but I just can’t stand it.  I wanted a nice comic series and McFarlane let me down tremendously with their four-inch line.

Well, when you see a four-inch line failing the only proper course of action is to let the people over at Art Asylum go ahead and perform their magic and turn them into Minimates. We now have Minimates for the Walking Dead COMIC series!  The line will start off with Rick Grimes and the Vacation Zombie as a SDCC Exclusive, this will then be followed by series one in September and series two in November.

The Walking Dead Minimates SDCC Rick and Vacation Zombie

Rick and his zombie cohort come in a standard window box branded for San Diego Comic Con.  This version of Rick is “battle damaged” because he is all beat up and missing his right hand.  By deduction we can then conclude this version is Rick is post-Governor.  It’s anyone’s guess where the vacation zombie comes from, but he is a pretty cool design using clear plastic to make part of his body look ripped off.

Diamond Select Walking Dead Minimates Rick Grimes Vacation Zombie

The first impression I got from this duo is how well the comic art works with this type of figure.  Because I haven’t seen it done better yet, I prefer the stylized look because the books have their own style as well.  The figure’s face is very recognizable, they did a great job translating the comic art to the Minimate block figure.  Where Diamond Select went stylized to use the Minimate, I also enjoy the Walking Dead video game and their stylized cell-shading to capture the comic look.  Stylized looks seem to work well for this property.

Diamond Select Walking Dead Minimates Rick Grimes Vacation Zombie

I think the only company I would trust  to do a decent representation of the comic art in six-inch scale would be NECA.  Especially after their Mirage TMNT figures, and more recently the Borderlands figures.  They seem to have a good grasp on how to execute those looks.  But sorry this isn’t about NECA and what they could do … this is about the Minimates!

Diamond Select Walking Dead Minimates Rick Grimes and Zombie

The biggest thing I think of when a Minimate line starts up is the possibilities.  Most toy lines do not afford you that opportunity because if the first wave or figure sells poorly the line will be axed.  Fortunately with Minimate lines they already have a base body so it’s just a matter of translation and minor sculpting.  There have been two waves of Walking Dead Minimates announced and that spread already covers a majority of the ever evolving main cast.  They have also used the two-pack system to get a zombie with every main character.  You will end up getting a pretty large cast and zombie population in no time.

Diamond Select Walking Dead Minimates Rick Grimes Vacation Zombie

I really like the choices they made with the ‘Vacation Zombie.’  At first when I got him I thought the arm was option and could be snapped back on, but I was wrong.  I mean, yes it can be put on, but it does not click in like the other arm.   The socket is not made to fit the peg.  The extra arm is more of a prop, and is best used for display purposes … or for a snack for our little zombie friend.

Diamond Select Walking Dead Minimates Rick Grimes Vacation Zombie

This SDCC exclusive does its job well; getting me excited for the upcoming line.  I love all the little details they have put into these guys.  The next series will be very exciting and it will be fun to see how they flesh out the cast.  Art Asylum has done an incredible job translating the comics into these little two-inch block figures.

Diamond Select Walking Dead Minimates Rick Grimes Vacation Zombie

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