Matty Sale Lineup for 10/15/2012

It’s the time of the month again, when Matty releases her egg and expels blood all over our collective parts.  That seems kind of gross.  It’s actually just the time that Matty decides to both ship the subscribers their stuff and sell their other wares to the day-of-sale people.  This month the MOTUC subscriber crowd will be watching the site as the “Great Unrest” weapons pak will be on sale.  This basically includes all the cut weapons from releases this year, except Spector’s Whip … I’m sad about that.

It will be the normal time at noon EST Monday.  So be there to grab the following:


  • Rattlor ($22 – Monthly Sub)
  • Frosta ($22 – Monthly Sub)
  • Cy-Chop ($22 – 30th Sub)
  • Great Unrest Weapons Pak ($18 – Non Sub)
  • Trap Jaw ($22 – Reissue)
  • King Grayskull ($22 – Reissue) – He will probably go fast as people want orbs for their TOD Sorceress stand
  • Battle Armor He-Man ($22 – Reissue)


  • All Stars Superman ($14.99)
  • All Stars Batman ($14.99)
  • All Stars Red Robin ($14.99)
  • All Stars Superboy Prime ($14.99)
  • JLU Guy Gardner/Martian Manhunter/Batman Pack ($30.00)
  • DCIE Poison Ivy ($18 – Monthly Sub)
  • DCIE Elasti-Girl ($35 – Sub Oversized)

Voltron –

  • Black Lion and Keith ($65 – Final Voltron Sub Figure)

You can check these out along with all the evergreen figures at the sale page.  A lot to look forward to with NYCC this weekend we should have more info on the Castle Grayskull by Saturday.  Stay tuned!

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