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Who’s everybody’s favorite Snake Man and Horde member?  Tung Lashor?  Is Tung Lashor a snake or is he a lizard?  Isn’t a snake a lizard? I probably should know this, but since I’m tired and dumb I will just get to the point here.  Rattlor is my favorite Snake Man, and one of my favorite Horde members.  Sorry but Leech is hard to beat.  Who is this review about again?

Oh right, Rattlor is the man of the hour.  He would be the sixth Snake Man in Masters of the Universe Classics, seventh if you count the snake Eternian Guard.  He comes as a straight update from the vintage version, and looks great doing it.  Let’s go ahead and take a look at Rattlor, the newest Snake Man to hit the MOTUC circuit.

MOTUC Rattlor Review

Masters of the Universe Classics – Rattlor
Release Date: 10/15/2012 (Monthly Subscription)
Price: $20.00 sub – $22.00 non sub
Faction: Snake Men
Real Name: Slltyo of the Rattlor House

MOTUC Rattlor Review

Back in the eighties we got a barrel chested Rattlor with the “quick-strike” head that extends out of his torso.  Then in the early 2000’s he was promoted to General, which basically involved some colorful armor.  In the Classics line he is now given a Horde insignia to wear on his upper arm.  Unfortunately the General armor was dropped, but we did get to see a picture of it when Matty put up the wrong picture on their sale page.  They say we will get this armor down the line in the “Even Greater Unrest” weapons pak.

MOTUC Rattlor Review

I can’t get over how much I love the new snake body.  I was raving about it when I reviewed the Snake Men two-pack.  And now that we have the new Rattlor torso attached to it, the toy is bordering on my figure of the year.  If you purchased the Snake Men two pack you know what you are getting with the arms and legs.  The rest of the figure is all new including a Snake Men belt, a new torso with a tail attached, the tail has an actual rattle in it, and of course a great Rattlor headsculpt.

MOTUC Rattlor Review

Rattlor comes with three accessories: Horde armband, brown snake staff, and neck extension.  Like Mekaneck, the neck extension is to achieve his action feature present in both of his previous incarnations.  I prefer to leave the neck extension off.  My original thinking was that it makes him look silly, but then I realized I was making judgements on a giant man-snake and maybe silly is actually what fits the bill.  Having the neck extended also adds a little more height variety to the display.  They also did a really good job with the extension as it looks pretty seemless when attached.

MOTUC Rattlor Review

With all the paint deco cuts we have seen this year, I am glad this guy did not suffer any of them.  You will notice the vibrant yellows, blues, and browns running all down his body.  The colors really make him, for lack of a better term, pop!  The paint applications, especially the ones running down his arms and legs, are so clean and precise that it makes this figure really stand out.  The black plastic is still there, and there is a lot of paint so you may see some chips.  Hopefully they look into the paint or whatever they seem to be doing different and fix it soon.

If you have a 200x Rattlor you can pull off his General armor and it will fit on MOTUC Rattlor.  It will be slightly big on him but should hold you over until the official outfit is released.

MOTUC Rattlor Review

Rattlor is one of my favorite figures of the year.  Him and Tung Lashor are my most wanted figures in Masters of the Universe Classics.  The Horsemen did an incredible job mixing the modern with the vintage (that seems to be a trend with the really good figures) to basically make a definitive version of Rattlor.  We shall see how the paint holds up as time goes on, but for now he’s everything I could have wanted in a Classics figure.

Rattlor sold out pretty fast on his sale day.  Your best bet would probably be eBay or Amazon, right now he’s not going for too much but since Mattel is no longer doing reissues these figures will start to get rare.  Hell of a month though, three new figures!

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