NECA Prometheus Chair Suit Engineer Review + Gallery

I’d been waiting for this day, the day I finally walk into a Toys “R” Us and see one of the three figures I really wanted from NECA this October: Prometheus Chair Suit Engineer, Gordon Freeman, and Left 4 Dead Smoker.  The other two were nowhere to be seen, but I have come upon both the Pressure Suit and Chair Suit Engineer now.

I’m really excited about the new Prometheus figures for a variety of reasons.  First being it was one of my favorite movies of the year, I realize it is a pretty polarizing film and you may call me an idiot for that, but I loved everything about it including the ambiguity.  Not only do the Engineer figures look amazing, but NECA has an entire series with the cast and creatures planned through 2013.  It’s really awesome to have such a great ground floor for a series you are looking forward to.  So let us take a look at the chair suit Engineer from Prometheus series one.

NECA Prometheus Series 1 - Chair Suit Engineer
“Chair Suit” Engineer

The first thing you will notice about the Engineer (especially if you are cheap like me) is the price.  At Toys “R” Us these are $14.99 each.  Eight inch tall unique sculpts do not cost so little these days, so not only are you getting a great figure but an amazing price as well!  The Engineer comes packed in the standard clamshell you expect from a carded NECA release.  The one thing about him being so tall though is that he fills that card, from a side profile that package is all Engineer.

NECA Prometheus Chair Suit Engineer
Well you see Ash, I set my destination to Earth … and well.

So if you didn’t notice the Engineer is tall.  This would come as no surprise if you watched the movie, but again NECA went for accuracy and kept with their typical movie scale.  The Engineer towers over most standard NECA movie scale figures, and he also makes MOTUC figures look short in comparison.  Being the “Chair Suit” version of the Engineer he dons the black bone plated armor with the elephant like head that we saw in Prometheus, and also its inspiration the Space Jockey in Alien.  The trunk of the helmet tucks into a soft exterior ribcage but can be popped out if you move his head around enough.  Even for a toy, his eyes are creepy.  They are a pearly flat black that just peers into my soul while I sit here.

NECA Prometheus Chair Suit Engineer
Haha! Taller than you finally!

The Engineer is cast in black and brushed over with a silver wash.  They may have used a little too much silver on the boots because when it hits a certain light it looks like he is wearing silver slippers.  The Engineer has a great range of movement.  He has a ball jointed head, shoulders, wrists, hips, and ankles.  He also has swivel elbows, waist and knees.  You can get this guy into a great amount of poses.  I especially love the hands because they are sculpted so expressively.  It works really well contrasting with the emotionless, alien look of the helmet against the emotional, expressive hands.

NECA Prometheus Chair Suit Engineer

He doesn’t come with any type of accessories and probably shouldn’t.  There are only two items I think would make the most sense to include as an Engineer accessory: a flute and David’s head.  This would also be the wrong suit to pack David’s head with.  It would be nice if one day they can come up with a chair that we can stick him in and recreate the famous “Space Jockey” moment … but I guess NECA will have to see how these early series do before committing to something like that.

NECA Prometheus Series 1 Chair Suit Engineer

If there is anything to complain about with this figure I would say he can look a little odd with his proportions.  All the Engineers in the movie looked very humanoid and fairly closely proportioned.  I think they might have given him a little longer legs than he deserves.  I think if the torso was a couple of centimeters longer it would even everything out.  Certain poses can leave our poor Engineer with a wide or “diaper” waste.  This observation could also just be a side-effect of how he looks wearing his flight suit … the body inside might still be proportioned right.  I’m sorry but I’m not the authority on alien body proportions, I just pretend to be.

NECA Prometheus Series 1 Chair Suit Engineer

This series was one of my most anticipated … even before I knew if NECA even had it.  I’m a sucker for this film, the mythology behind it, and the figures in front of it!  NECA already has three series planned, and even if they just get to the second I will be happy with my Engineers and David chilling on my shelf … creating life and making snide comments to the lowly humans.  The Chair Suit Engineer lived up to every expectation I had for him and am really glad to finally have him in my hands.

NECA Prometheus Series 1 Chair Suit Engineer
It was … nothing …

You can currently find both the Pressure Suit and Chair Suit Engineers at your local Toys “R” Us.  If you aren’t keen on leaving the house then I highly suggest you check out Amazon and grab a set of two, or get them individually.  Either way you will come out a winner because I can’t gush enough over this guy.

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